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IATEFL ESPSIG & TED University, Ankara joint event

Event place

TED University, Ziya Gokalp Caddesi 48, Kolej Cankaya, 06420, Ankara, Turkey

About this event

The plenary speakers are:
John ODwyer: Director of the zel Bilkent Primary, Middle and High Schools
Donald Staub: Director of the School of Foreign Languages at Izmir University of Economics
Ayşen Gven: Head, English and Higher Education, for the British Council in Turkey

Title: Current practices and the future of quality in EAP & ESP

And the subtitles /the questions being asked are;

What do we mean by high quality language education and how can it be achieved?
What is being done at institutions to implement quality and what systems are in place to ensure the use of quality tools? (Examples of best practices)
What are some glocal solutions to quality management?
What is the role of accreditation in achieving quality?
How effective are available internal and external quality checking mechanisms in EAP programs?
What is the role of EAP professionals in the search for quality? How can they assist their institutions in their accreditation journey?
How is EAP integrated into preparatory or pre-sessional programs in English medium institutions?
What are some of the ways in which receptive and productive skills can be improved in EAP contexts?
What professional development opportunities are available to EAP instructors? What kind of additional support is needed?

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Event dates

Event date(s)
24 May 2019 - 25 May 2019
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6 Feb 2019
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12 Apr 2019
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6 May 2019

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