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Beyond the communicative approach: personal significance in language learning, 23 Nov 2019


Teacher Development SIG

Event place

ELC Hove, 33 Palmeira Square, Hove, Brighton, BN3 2GB

About this event

A full-day workshop led by Adrian Underhill, Piers Messum and Roslyn Young 

Has a focus on communication drawn our attention away from expression: the inner process of turning an idea into language, which then emerges as speech? Is mastering expression what actually leads to mastery of a language? 

When your classes ‘go well’, is it because the language and engagement of the learners has been personally meaningful and of personal significance? Or is it something else? 

To serve the language learner, we must first examine the inner domain of L1 speech, which we will call ‘expression’, and ask ourselves what it requires for our students to develop an equivalent facility in L2. 

This event aims to explore these questions involving the concept of expression in language learning. Through a combination of engagement with the main speakers and participant-driven tasks, this workshop will explore practices in which students’ powers of expression are the point of reference. We will develop new criteria against which we can examine, challenge, and adapt our current practices. 

Workshop findings will be collated together in an account of the day, which will be emailed to all participants as well as published in the TDSIG channels or Developod. 


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23 Nov 2019
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3 Jun 2019
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16 Nov 2019
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6 Oct 2019

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